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Whistleblowing System

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Whistleblowing System

As a manifestation of the Company's high commitment to presenting healthy business practices based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), since 2013, the Company has built a reporting mechanism for violations of policies and/or procedures and ethics and values of the Company, namely the Whistleblowing System (WBS). WBS is a system that continues to be developed and implemented to prevent and detect potential violations to create a cleaner work climate and prevent irregularities and fraudulent practices. The development of WBS is also one of the Company's efforts to uphold business ethics & work ethics and efforts to eradicate corruption, collusion, and nepotism (KKN).

The scope of complaints/disclosures that will be followed up by WBS are actions/violations that may harm the Company, including the following:

  1. Corruption;
  2. Theft or embezzlement;
  3. Cheating or impropriety;
  4. Conflict of interest;
  5. Violation of laws and regulations;
  6. Misuse of position/authority; and
  7. Violation of the Company's standart operating procedures (SOP).

Report Violation

Send the report with authentic evident confidentially by filling the WBS Form or send the report to the below address

*Name: Field Nama is Required
*ID: Field No ID is Required
Address: Field Alamat is Required
*Email Address: Field Email is Required
*Phone Number: Field Phone is Required
*Alleged Report Chriteria:
Field Dugaan Laporan is Required
Reported Name (If Known)
Field Bukti Laporan is Required
*Reporting Chronology/Reported Features Field Kronologi Laporan is Required

Report Indication

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