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Vision, Mision, and Corporate Culture

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Vision, Mision, and Corporate Culture


Become the Leading Port Company in Indonesia Integrated with Logistics Services.


Provide added value in port and logistics services based  on the Smart and Green Port concept.

Corporate Culture

ACTION refers to characteristics and corporate culture, as every personnel of KBS is bound with unity and a true brotherhood in the Company.

action culture



Build competency and a good relationship with all stakeholders to adapt to the rapid changes on business environment.

Customer Focus

Care for customer needs by providing excellent service, and technology professionals.


Determined to achieve excellence in port and other related services through digitalization and environment-friendly infrastructure development.


Committed to perform all regulation, value, and corporate ethical standards with sincere and trust.


Show a sense of belonging, pride, dedication to the company by giving the best effort.


Make innovation to maximize the performance efficient and give a sustainable improvements.